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Here you will find information about the Whipton Lane Allotment Association (WLAA), the Team, and the Whipton Lane Allotments at Exeter.


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The Whipton Lane Allotments Association has its roots in an earlier association which started over 40 years ago. This was set up originally to liaise with the Council on behalf of all plot-holders at the Whipton Lane, Hamlin Lane and Sweetbrier Lane sites.

This earlier association was needed to jointly buy items at the Trading Huts huts at Whipton Lane and Hamlin Lane and was primarily a trading association. Membership was not compulsory.

The Whipton Lane Allotments Association (WLAA) was formed in 2014 when the system of having allotment site managers was replaced. Being at first in joint partnership with Exeter City Council, the WLAA then decided to become self-managed. Formalities were completed in December 2016. Now all Whipton Lane allotments tenants or plot-holders are automatically members of WLAA with Public Liability insurance and other benefits being paid from individual annual fees.

A warm welcome to the Whipton Lane Allotment Association (WLAA).

Located between Whipton Lane and Sweetbriar Lane, many people are surprised just how large our allotment site is.  We currently have 120 tenants.

The Whipton Lane Allotments site in Heavitree was the first site in Exeter to become self-managed. This change took place in December 2016 and means that the WLAA retains all the fees paid by the plotholders, using them in the ways decided by the them rather than by Exeter City Council as happened previously.  It is a more democratic system and one which we hope will continue. 

Barry McNamara, current Chair of Whipton Lane Allotment Association, explains “Back in 2014, Exeter City Council announced options for the continuance of allotments in Exeter, having faced increasing pressure on its budgets and subsidies of over 50% from council resources to maintain sites across the city. This lead to increasing rents and a reduction in maintenance, leaving plot holders frustrated with the sites.”

We now have our own Rules (largely based on the previous Council Rules), a waiting list for prospective gardeners and a site shop.  Events are put on, especially for the encouragement of young gardeners, from time to time.  Turnover of empty plots is swift.

Our active Committee, supported by a small team of Trustees, ensures that we carry out our roles with due diligence. Our aim is to ensure we always allocate empty plots to local people, giving priority to Heavitree residents.

We aim to be a friendly site and certainly feel priviledged to have responsibility for an environmentally-friendly oasis within a residential area.

about whipton lane allotments exeter   about whipton lane allotments exeter

Your Committee

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership and Allocations Secretaries
  • Trading Hut Manager
  • Estates Manager

Your Trustees

  • 2 – 4 Other Trustees
All tenants can put themsleves forward for empty roles on the Committee or Trustees teams at the AGM each year. Volunteers are welcome at any time. Please let a member of the Committee know if you have any particular skills or interests. Email addresses can be found on the Contact page.